About Us

hakCAS GROUP within its 10 years of built up knowledge and experience gathered from
the fields, it is carrying on working as if it’s the first day. The company is situated in
Antalya and the fields of activities are fertilization and seeds.

CAS GROUP with the experience it has and also according to the commands of the
market provides which ever product is requested by either importing it from abroad or
domestically, and it is offered to the last users liking.

CAS GROUP the target groups are producers that want to grow their crop clean and
without chemical use.
We are very sorry to see within the past few years that the vegetables and fruits
grown in our country contain chemical residue. These chemicals invite diseases that
are not curable. We hope that all phases of the productions are followed with
meticulously until the last consumer. For this reason, we support all traceable
sustainable and auditable agricultural policies in our country. We are aware of our
responsibility about this subject. For this purpose our main responsibility is to either
manufacture or import such products. We are also committed to actions in order to
encourage growers to produce their crops this way.
On the basis of our activities

For something’s you only need patience; for others honesty…
Hz. Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi

Trust is like a soul, it never goes back to a body it has left…
S.W. Shakespeare
We are committed to our principles, Our priority is to always to a innovative company
within the agriculture sector. For the works we have done our biggest reward is the
favour our costumers show us.
We are proud to bonded with our principles and what makes us “us” along with our
customers, suppliers, staff, we have not forgotten where we came from, connected to
our roots, looking at the future with hope.